Machine Vision

Vision Systems

Arapahoe Controls has several years of experience in the machine vision field. You can be assured in prompt and highly qualified service.
Industrial vision technology over the past few years has become more affordable from a hardware cost. Regardless of what the marketing tells you, the set-up and programming is complex for even the simplest of applications. Add in the possibilities of forwarding inspection statistics to a database, and it quickly becomes a full time burden on one of your engineering staff, just to become familiar with all of the tools required to fulfill these tasks. Arapahoe Controls has already been down this road and can save you a lot of time and money engineering the following vision systems.

Camera Systems

Cognex: Insight, Framegrabber
DVT: Legend
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Camera Software

Cognex: In-Sight Explorer, Designer, VisionPro
DVT: FrameWork
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